It’s important to keep making the connections between gender justice and climate change for several reasons. First, it integrates the natural world into the equation when talking about how to equalize power and maintain the planet for everyone. Second, the approach calls into account the powerful corporate forces that are influencing the equation, and how they need to be held accountable both for addressing gender equality and for their role in impacting climate change.

Certainly, now is the time for feminist and environmentalists to come together and strategize about how to fight back.

I believe feminist philanthropy has a critical role to play in funding ecofeminism — continuing the work that began over 30 years ago when women leaders started to call attention to the parallels of environmental destruction and other forms of human domination and exploitation.  I believe as we approach critical mass for women in both government and business, we will see more forward movement for the ecofeminist agendas.

However, that forward movement is going to need significant funding from progressive leaders who understand the connections between environmental and gender justice.

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