Giving Compass' Take:

• Laura Fay reports that a recent survey of teachers found that many students are still missing their online classes. 

• How can funders help students access their online classes in light of challenges including limited access to devices and internet?

• Read about the digital divide

As remote learning ramps up and more states announce that school closures will last through the end of the academic year, a new teacher survey suggests many students are still missing from their virtual classrooms during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fifty-five percent of teachers said more than half of their students have not been tuning in to remote classes in the informal survey conducted by the social media app Fishbowl.

From April 6 through April 9, the app asked teachers, “How many of your students are attending your remote classes?” Educators could choose from four responses: 0-25 percent, 26-50 percent, 51-75 percent, or more than 75 percent.

Of the 5,659 who responded, 35 percent said the attendance rate was 25 percent or less, while just 17 percent reported that at least 75 percent of students were attending class. The survey is not scientific, and not much information is available about where the teachers work. Fishbowl said nearly 97 percent of the self-selecting respondents teach in district schools.

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