During a freezing cold December car ride through a back alley in Winnipeg with her mother, Hannah Taylor saw a homeless man searching for food in a garbage dumpster. As a small child would, Taylor questioned the situation and her mother explained that he was down on his luck, he had to do that to eat. The next day, Taylor approached her Grade 1 teacher with the idea of talking about homelessness and if they could do anything to help — the class started a fundraiser to support a local shelter.

By the time she was eight, The Lady Bug Foundation was registered as a charity. “I figured that ladybugs were good luck, that we needed good luck to help the homeless and the homeless also needed good luck,” explained Taylor.

The Lady Bug Foundation has since raised over $4 million for the homeless, the hungry or people living in poverty in 65 different shelters across Canada. In 2016, Taylor was awarded the Governor General of Canada Meritorious Service Cross (Civil Division). A year later she was presented with the Spirituality Award from the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Ky.

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