Imagine if we could harness even a fraction of the time and talent on this earth and direct it toward our most complex social problems. Helena's model seeks to do just that: bring together global leaders from across all fields, many of them under 25, to think and act (and inspire us to act too) on behalf of the collective good. Their first joint project involves a promising carbon capture technology out of Switzerland. We caught up with Helena’s CEO Henry Elkus and COO Sam Feinburg recently and had a chat to learn more.

What kinds of problems is Helena Group trying to solve?

We’re focused on two types of problems. We call the first type ‘supply chain of information’ problems. These are problems that can be solved using existing ideas, people, and capital that simply need to be combined in new ways, and deployed in the right place and the right time. Some problems are more complex–they require new cures, new technologies, or more resources to solve. Our belief, however, is that a staggering number of problems, from global hunger to urban poverty, are supply chain issues that can be resolved by connecting and deploying existing resources.

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