Giving Compass' Take:

• CauseArtist interviews Aanchal Bansal, CEO and founder of Redo, India's first sustainable workwear clothing company for women. 

• How can we encourage more companies to follow this path towards more ethical and sustainable habits? What programs for women in developing countries are there to create their own companies? 

• Learn about the sustainable clothing brand that turns trash into hats.

Redo founder, Aanchal Bansal, is no stranger to working with revolutionary leaders in the fashion industry in India. Before launching Redo, Aanchal was working with well established Indian brands including Doodlage, India’s leading zero waste, upcycling fashion brand, and Atulyakala, a Forbes awarded deaf-run lifestyle brand, where she developed various products, communicating with her team in Indian Sign Language as the Business Head.

Q: Tell us about the versatility of your amazing new jacket, the Reversible!

Our first product is a suit-dress for working women which can be worn four-ways. It is a reversible garment. On one side, it has a stunningly smooth plain black fabric which works perfectly for formal occasions. And on the other side we have a grey handloom fabric which has a houndstooth-inspired weave.

Q: What inspired your journey in sustainable fashion?

My journey with fashion and the problems associated with the industry started quite early on in my childhood. Reading about the works of pioneering international designers like Coco Chanel, Elie Saab, Burberry etc. in page 3 of national dailies and discovering various sales going on at local malls was a regular affair for me.

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