Off Season Adventures is a US-based wildlife and community tourism organization focused on bringing travelers to Tanzania during the off-season, empowering local entrepreneurs working in the tourism industry.

Off Season Adventures is all about creating memorable experiences for their travelers, while allowing them to stay true to their values in sustainability. Every trip taken with Off Season Adventures is carbon offset, with a percentage of revenue donated to communities surrounding the accommodation facilities visited, assisting with water and waste management, electricity and education resources, and health services.

How does Off Season Adventures define sustainable travel?

We define sustainable travel as travel that positively impacts not only the economy, but also the community and environment of the destination. We think long term when making decisions at OSA. It is very important to me to consider the long term ramifications of our clients traveling to any destination. We try to do the most amount of good in each tour that we can- from supporting local communities, to offsetting the carbon emissions, to using Tanzanian-owned lodging and tours.

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