Giving Compass' Take:

• B the Change highlights several individuals and small companies (microenterprises) who are working towards equity in their employment practices and hiring.

• Some of the efforts range from supporting local banks for lending to writing job descriptions with inclusivity in mind. How can bigger businesses learn from this?

• Here are three key steps to creating a workplace that promotes inclusivity.

The coming year marks the third year in a row the Certified B Corporation community has galvanized its members around using their businesses to build a more inclusive economy. The idea is simple in concept: Passionate individuals build effective, representative teams at the organizations where they work to commit to making three measurable equity, diversity and inclusion policy or practice improvements. The sum of each company’s efforts adds up to an impact far greater than one person alone could accomplish. Each year, the Challenge grows in participation and achievements, moving the entire B Corp community — and, ultimately, the global economy at large — toward a better, more just and sustainable future.

The application of the idea is, of course, not at all simple. Doing this work requires intention, dedication, and openness to sensitivities and varying opinions. It can be tough. And for a solopreneur or a company with only a few employees, figuring out where to start can be the biggest challenge of all. If you are working solo, who are you working to include? With only two employees, what impact can you really have?

As it turns out, that impact can be pretty dang huge. We spoke with three B Corp owners to get their take as Inclusive Economy Challenge participants.

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