Transitioning Impact Aid into a system of education savings accounts (ESAs) beginning with children attending school in heavily impacted districts and those living on tribal lands represents the bulk of spending under Impact Aid. The Department of Defense should also transition funding for children who attend schools on base into a system of parent-controlled ESAs. Other students who generate Impact Aid funding should also be able to direct their dollars toward options that work for them. However, the lower per pupil amount provided to students who do not fall under one of these three categories necessitates a federal-state choreography where state and local leaders also establish robust school choice options. States should create ESAs for military-connected children and should ultimately move toward universal ESAs for all children.

  1. The way in which the federal government supports the education of federally connected children has failed to keep pace with new education delivery models.
  2. Federal policymakers should work to empower children of military families with educational choice.
  3. Parent-controlled ESAs would provide children of active-duty military and other federally connected families with educational choice.

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