Giving Compass Take:

· Writing for AEI, Mark J. Perry discusses the discrimination against men on college campuses his efforts to advance civil rights for all students.  

· How are men being discriminated against on campus? What is causing this? How can this be addressed? 

· Read more about improving diversity and inclusion practices in higher education.  

MP: In contrast to the ongoing, open and systematic gender discrimination at most US colleges, especially in the area of STEM for single-gender, girl-only (no boys allowed) summer programs, some universities like Oakland University (public university in Michigan near Detroit with 20,000 students) offer dozens of summer STEM programs and camps that are gender-neutral, gender-inclusive and gender-blind. At this Oakland University Outreach Program website, you’ll see that they offer about 40 summer STEM programs in a wide variety of subjects including additive manufacturing, alternative energy, general engineering, analog/digital circuits, coding I and II, mechanical engineering, microprocessor programming, robotics, bio-engineering, chemical engineering, race car design I and II, analytical/critical thinking I and II, algebra I and II, geometry, and pre-algebra. Note that the only word that appears in the program descriptions is “student,” while the words “gender,” “boy” and “girl” never appear. The only restriction on eligibility is by grade level, and OU offers separate programs for Elementary School students (grades 3-5), Middle School students (grades 6-8) and High School students (grades 9-12).

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