In May of 2020, The Rockefeller Foundation created the Testing Solutions Group to facilitate the exchange of best practices for public health authorities and officials working to scale up pandemic preparedness and response with an immediate focus on Covid-19 testing and tracing. Beginning in January 2021, this learning group evolved into the Pandemic Solutions Group (PSG). While topics related to frequent and widespread testing remain a priority for this group, this change reflects The Foundation’s commitment to helping public officials navigate the intersecting demands of testing, vaccination, and other public health measures in the months ahead.

he Rockefeller Foundation convenes the Group every two weeks to:

Peer Network:
• Drive collaboration about promising initiatives at both the state and local levels
• Engage directly with technical experts and colleagues
• Facilitate the exchange of on-the-ground challenges and real-time solutions associated with testing, vaccination, and related pandemic response topics

Knowledge Products:
• Package the insights shared through the Pandemic Solutions Group (PSG)
• Develop strategy and policy recommendations that support government officials and other community leaders and their leadership teams.

• Support public officials and other community leaders to collect real-time data, evidence, and feedback to improve strategies.

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