Giving Compass' Take:

• The author shares statistics from Cone Communications' 2015 findings on how consumers feel about corporate social responsibility. 

One of the statistics focuses on how millennials view socially responsible businesses.  How will millennials change the way businesses run in the future now that there is more pressure to be socially conscious? 

• Read about four online businesses that are driving social change right now. 

Corporate social responsibility is a corporation's initiatives to assess and take responsibility for the company's effects on environmental and social well-being.

Consumers are more passionate about global social issues than ever, and their expectation for companies to address these issues and their own business initiatives continues to grow. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no longer just an option if a company wants to be perceived favorably by consumers but instead of necessity, especially with Millennials. As CSR continues to evolve, companies should explore new ways of Performing and communicating their CSR initiatives to Consumers.

According to the 2015 cone Communications/ebiquity Global CSR study, Global consumers want companies to act responsibly about addressing critical social and environmental issues.

Nine out of 10 consumers have come to expect that companies will aim to do more than just make a profit and 84% of global consumers actively seek out responsible products.

How does CSR affect us Millennials loyalty to an employer? Studies show that 76% would consider a company social and environmental commitments before deciding where to work.

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