Giving Compass' Take:

· Writing for Chalkbeat, Adeshina Emmanuel discusses the struggles that students face when navigating life after high school and how Chicago is helping students with a report to plan their future. 

· What is included in the report Chicago schools are using? How will these reports assist students with planning their future? 

· Check out this article to see how other programs are helping students prepare for life after high school.

Donald Aguirre wants to be a professional basketball player.

“But if that doesn’t work out, I want to be an entrepreneur and start my own business,” said the sophomore at Wells Community Academy High School.

Either path will take a lot of planning and focus — something he says is easier with the new progress reports the varsity hoops player and other high schoolers get via a district college and career planning program.

On Friday, Chicago Public Schools rolled out new way to help high schoolers navigate their path after graduation. The district emailed the reports to students Friday, and officials said that school counselors would arrange meetings to go over the reports with students.

The reports are tied to “Learn. Plan. Succeed,” a 2-year-old program that requires high school students to map out their post-graduation lives, with support from school counselors.

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