Powered by Vanguard Charitable, the Nonprofit Aid Visualizer, NAVi, is an interactive web-based mapping tool designed to connect donors with nonprofits supporting the geographic areas hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic.

NAVi harnesses information about COVID-19 incidence rates in local areas, community vulnerability to the pandemic1 and detailed nonprofit profiles to help donors identify and support the communities most affected by the pandemic. NAVi displays critical data points provided by the Surgo Foundation, GuideStar’s National Nonprofit Directory, and the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center and was developed with custom software built by geospatial services firm, Azavea. This groundbreaking, new web-based tool provides a wealth of relevant data about the pandemic and the current charitable response in an interactive map platform, making it easy to find charities solving the problems donors care about most.

Vanguard Charitable developed NAVi after a donor survey found that 79 percent of donors would like more resources to give to COVID-19 relief in their local communities, while 50 percent seek giving opportunities in geographic areas impacted the most severely by the pandemic. The Nonprofit Aid Visualizer enables donors to locate charities that align with their giving strategies and values, and highlights many small nonprofits that may be otherwise
difficult to find. NAVi is available for free to everyone and accessible on Vanguard Charitable’s public website to encourage overall giving and provide a resource to help determine where to donate.

Learn about the Nonprofit Aid Visualizer at Vanguard Charitable.