As more funders seek to use demographic data to inform their grantmaking decision-making, 125 partners have now joined the Demographics via Candid movement. To reduce the burden on grantees to provide this data, this sector-wide initiative also empowers nonprofits to collect and share staff and board member demographics—one time—in a standardized, reusable, and freely accessible format on their Candid profiles.

At a recent webinar hosted by Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, Jennifer Chheang of The California Endowment (TCE) and Allie VanHeast of the Kalamazoo Community Foundation (KCF) shared how they are using Demographics via Candid in practice to better understand alignment with institutional goals and measure their progress. Here, I highlight their best practices for collecting this data from grantees, as well as what this information is helping foundations to achieve.

  • The process and timing of asking nonprofits for demographic data matters. 
  • Collecting demographic data can lead to meaningful change. 
  • It’s important and possible to collect data from groups operating under a fiscal sponsor.

Read the full article about demographic data in the sector by Janet Camarena at Candid .