Since the start of the war in Syria more than 10 years ago, Crete For Life and their partner, the Blue Marists group in Aleppo, have been supporting communities in need. Olimpia Theodoli, Project Leader of Crete For Life warns that Syria recovery support is now more important than ever.

Over a decade of war and destruction, paralyzing international sanctions, the debilitating COVID-19 pandemic, and a massive earthquake have left millions of people in Syria out in the snow, homeless, and with nowhere to turn to. Regardless of political beliefs, religious creeds, and polarising divisions, now is the time to help these people who have lost everything and have been living from one trauma to another tragedy.

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake has struck southern Turkey and northern Syria. In Syria, the areas affected are those administered by the government, including Aleppo, and the Idlib province considered the last opposition stronghold in Syria. Aleppo, one of Syria’s largest cities, has circa 2 million inhabitants. Of the 4.9 million people living in the Idlib area, over 3 million are displaced by the war. People have been living either in camps, tents, or buildings damaged by the war and years of neglect. Traveling between the two parts of the country is both forbidden and dangerous. Years of civil war have divided the country.

There is an immediate need for fuel for medical vehicles and facilities, tents, blankets, mattresses, tarpaulins, heaters, food, water, medical supplies, and much more to prevent as much suffering as possible. Your donations can help save as many lives as possible. The low winter temperature adds misery to a catastrophic situation. Our partners, the voluntary Blue Marists group in Aleppo, have been active since the beginning of the war and have always helped and supported anyone in need.

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