Anyone who’s tried meditation can tell you that finding the time, space, and focus for quiet contemplation is no easy task—even when the world feels relatively calm.

Today, the added stress and uncertainty the COVID-19 pandemic brings to all of our lives’ makes the countless benefits of mindfulness and meditation practices—including lowering anxiety levels, increasing self-awareness, and amplifying empathy—more vital than ever. Thankfully, nonprofits supporting meditation across the globe are serving their communities through online classes and socially-distant mindfulness sessions, helping individuals hone their ability to find refuge within, no matter what their circumstances might be.

Take a nice, deep breath in—and learn how a few of our partners are spreading inner peace worldwide!

  1. Replacing COVID-19 anxiety with peace and dignity Universal Promise offers meditation and yoga courses at a local high school, providing invaluable space for teenagers in the area to turn inward while remaining physically distant.
  2. Building sustainability through mindful education The holistic course taught by Fundacion Gaia offers a refuge where children learn about ecology, personal health, yoga, and meditation.
  3.  Supporting self-awareness for incarcerated individuals Across the U.S., Yoga4Change offers yoga and mindfulness courses which give these communities tools to build emotional balance and physical wellbeing.

Read the full article about nonprofits supporting communities through meditation by Nicole Gieselman at GlobalGiving.