With the end of the year fast approaching, many nonprofits are already deep into planning and executing initiatives for Q1. In addition to set goals giving teams an idea of what to work toward, examining the market for emerging trends can help ensure a nonprofit organization is moving in the right direction to best meet the needs and expectations of constituents.

Below, 20 Forbes Nonprofit Council members share upcoming trends nonprofits should be ready for in 2024.

Tech Investments
Nonprofits need to invest in tech to support their strategic growth in 2024. This can include adopting tools for virtual collaboration, harnessing the power of data analytics for informed decision making and embracing digital marketing strategies to reach a wider audience.

Generative AI And Machine Learning Governance
Nonprofits need to be ready for all permutations of generative AI and machine learning in 2024. The stakes for getting AI governance right are high, so organizations should be thinking now about how to navigate policies for its responsible use, both for internal and external audiences.

Generous Listening
In 2024, nonprofits must embrace generous listening, which is crucial in the era of rising AI. Prioritizing generous listening in the face of technological advancements ensures that automated solutions align with diverse community needs, fostering harmonious integration and preserving the irreplaceable human touch in nonprofits.

Resonant Storytelling
Resonant storytelling involves sharing the impact of your work on people's lives. Specifically, it's sharing stories about how your work confronts inequity and creates a tangible path forward to improved outcomes in your community.

Demand For Tangible Impact
Donors are demanding tangible impacts from their contributions, pushing nonprofits to prove results and the effective use of resources.

 Increasing Pressure To Provide More Services
One trend to watch in 2024 is the increase in pressure to provide more services to members. Juggling member needs and wants with nonprofit bottom lines will be challenging, especially since much of the demand relies on expensive technology and people balk at passing on costs to members.

Decreased Fundraising
As 2024 unfolds, nonprofit organizations should expect potentially lower fundraising dollars with interest rates being raised to curb inflation woes.

Donor-Advised Funds
In 2024, expect the continued rise of donor-advised funds or DAFs, which offer tax benefits to donors. They're convenient for donors but do bring both benefits and challenges for nonprofits, including stable funding with barriers like visibility, unpredictability and competition.

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