Although white and black people use weed at nearly identical rates, black people are nearly four times as likely to be arrested for possession, as Fast Company reported. Even in states where weed is legal for recreational use, like Colorado, arrest rates have dropped much faster for whites than other communities.

In November 2017, social engineer and inventor Kortney Ryan Ziegler, launched Appolition,  a completely self-funded crowdfunding app. It links to your bank account and rounds your credit and debit card purchases to donate your spare change to bail money to free black people awaiting trial.

Once users collect 50 cents worth of change, it’s automatically transferred to National Bail Out, a collection of organizations that focus their efforts around bail relief and reform, paid for by the nonprofit Color of Change and the Movement for Black Lives coalition.

The site’s 7,000 users have raised over $35,000 to help free 11 people since November. Ziegler says the site adds 200 new users a day. That’s significant because every day almost a quarter-million men and women arrested for minor offences like loitering or drug possession remain behind bars awaiting trial despite the fact they’re still innocent in the eyes of the law–simply because they are unable to make bail.

“We’re really excited to keep onboarding people and generating enough bail money to get people home as quickly as possible–so people can keep their jobs, keep their families, and have a semblance of normal life,” he says.

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