The Nurse-Family Partnership program provides nurse home visits to pregnant women with no previous live births, most of whom are (i) low-income, (ii) unmarried, and (iii) teenagers. The nurses visit the women approximately once per month during their pregnancy and the first two years of their children’s lives.

The nurses teach (i) positive health related behaviors, (ii) competent care of children, and (iii) maternal personal development (family planning, educational achievement, and participation in the workforce). The program costs approximately $13,600 per woman over the three years of visits (in 2014 dollars).

The following benefits were found in at least two of the three trials of NFP:
20-50% reductions in child abuse, neglect, and/or injuries.
10-20% reduction in mothers’ subsequent births during their teens and early twenties.
Improvement in cognitive and/or educational outcomes for children born to mothers with low mental health, confidence, and/or intelligence

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