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• A partnership between Atlassian Foundation and Room To Read (a U.S. based nonprofit) has successfully supported a girls' education program that has benefited more than 5,500 Cambodian girls. 

• What are the primary factors that make global partnerships successful? 

• Read why global partnerships are key to sustainable development. 

Cambodia has made great progress in educating its children, with primary school enrolment reaching over 97% in 2018. Yet despite tangible progress, children are still failing to meet global learning standards. Nearly 25% of 9-year olds cannot write a single word in a dictation exercise. When they reach 17, 55% of them would have dropped out of school. This is more pronounced for girls and young women, who comprise more than half the population but represent only a minority of tertiary graduates.

The partnership between Atlassian Foundation and Room To Read seeks to address this issue.

Room To Read is a US-based nonprofit that works to eradicate illiteracy and gender inequality in developing markets. Since 2002, it has supported Cambodian children in the two most critical time periods of education: primary school for literacy acquisition, and secondary school for girls’ education.

Based in Australia, Atlassian Foundation partners nonprofits to provide relief services that break the poverty cycle through education. It seeks to help educate 10 million disadvantaged youths in 10 years, recognising that educating women and girls is the most powerful and effective way to address global poverty.

With this common goal, Atlassian Foundation and Room To Read started a longstanding partnership to support rural Cambodian girls in completing secondary education.Through Atlassian’s investment, the Girls Education Program supports Cambodian girls to succeed at school and beyond in four areas: life skills education, mentorship, targeted material support and family & community engagement.

To date, the Girls Education Program has benefited over 5,500 Cambodian girls, with almost 70% of graduates going on to tertiary education without needing any financial support. Atlassian has also become the largest investor in the Girls Education Program, having funded over 70% of participants.

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