Everyone likes being generous, and it feels great when one benefits from it. However, one needs to be smart in offering philanthropic efforts. Whatever amount one wants to donate $10 or $20 million annually, the following resolutions will help the community be meaningful.

  • Fund Solutions Donors value having a systematic donating system not only to resolve issues. After floods or wildfire, they will need to dig profound and donate to recover the situation. When people are homeless and hungry, people get concerned and donate. The compassion to help others is an admirable effort.
  • Long Term Commitments Contributing a one-time donation is excellent. Regular long term donations to help stop crises is good. Some events could have diminished its gravity when donors could give in the past- if organizations or communities had the resources to handle bad practices and calamities.
  • Control Cash The government dwarfs every single dollar the philanthropists donate, a reason why smart donors leverage their money to community organizations and advocates working to change bad policies. The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy research shows that for every dollar the donors put into work, the community gets $115 as returns. The returns come in different forms, like public revenue foundations or operative government programs.
  • Contribute More In this era, the community’s needs are high, and a solution to it is what people need. Rates of hate crimes are increasing among states; the Supreme Court has passed more rigid rules on LGBTQ people, women, and African-Americans. Climate changes and natural disasters are also putting people in desolation. Donors are giving an extra of what they donate each time. If one is in a private foundation as a strategy to contribute, it’s time to get more from the vehicles and give groups that put more effort.

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