Narada Foundation Founded in May 2007, Narada Foundation (Narada) is committed to a mission of “Fostering Civil Society” with the vision of “A fair and just society where every heart carries hope”

During the philanthropy infrastructure building, Narada has learned that:

  • The construction of philanthropy infrastructure is a long-term cause demanding great patience.
  • The multiplier effect of the philanthropy infrastructure will give full play to the lever effect of the philanthropic capital.
  • Collaboration is needed for philanthropy infrastructure building.
  • Funding is important, but it alone is far from sufficient.


First, the modern philanthropy infrastructure building in China faces a tough journey ahead. Despite the long tradition of philanthropy in China, public goods have been mainly provided by the government since 1949. It was not until 2004, or rather 2008, known as the “Year of Civil Society” after the devastating Wenchuan Earthquake, that the true grassroots philanthropy and non-profits started emerging...

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