Our top policy priority is investing in pathways out of poverty for all opportunity youth.

The transition to adulthood is a critical inflection point. It is a time when young people are ready to make new choices, to create a positive future for themselves and their families if they can see any path to achieving their goals.

We ask our nation’s leaders to expand all the existing pathways out of poverty to open the doors to least one million young people each year. A federal investment of $6.5 billion a year in proven existing federal programs would reconnect one million young adults per year, according to Civic Enterprises. With the addition of adequate state, city and private investment, we could solve the problem of young people disconnected from education and employment.

Increasing public and private investment in proven programs that work is the first step. We have identified six priority pathways out of poverty:

  1. Expand Effective Comprehensive Programs
  2. Expand National Service
  3. Expand Private Internships
  4. Increase all Forms of Mentoring
  5. Protect and Expand Pathways
  6. Support Diversion and Reentry Programs in the Justice System

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