As the investment numbers begin to come in from the first quarter of 2021, we can see the surprising growth and tailwind that happened during the past pandemic year. From my vantage point in San Diego, for instance, venture capital and angel investor data showed an uptick from 2019 to 2020 — in some cases, three times as much as the year before. These numbers seem like a shock amidst a pandemic year and economic crisis, but I believe they’re an excellent indicator of how the investment ecosystem adapted to change and how we’ll continue to see shifts in 2021.

For one, the ecosystem has grown used to the virtual world and will embrace it even more this year. Virtual is here to stay, and more meetings and events are shifting online. Conferences that were canceled or postponed are coming back in the digital realm, and we can use more of those opportunities to their full potential.

Here’s what I’m advising others about the investment ecosystem this year:

  1. Events will emphasize virtual connections.
  2. Virtual platforms will highlight authenticity.
  3. New support systems are forming.
  4. Micro connections are driving innovation.

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