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· Education Dive covers the topic of project-based learning and explains how a school in Tacoma, Washington uses daily meetings to encourage students and keep them focused on their assignments.

· What personal and life skills does project-based learning teach students? How does it encourage personal responsibility?

· Read more about project-based learning.

Project-based learning (PBL) by definition, has students working together — where each pupil is responsible for producing an end result that’s successful. One child dropping the ball, and leaving all the work for the others, can turn a group project into a resentful experience.

One of the challenges for educators using PBL is to keep students on task in their own groups. Educators can support and encourage PBL work by not only having check-ins, or scrums, everyday — but also allowing time for students to experiment, notes Concordia University-Portland. Failure can be as valuable as a successful moment, helping students find new directions.

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