For the first time, everyday people can invest in private companies for as little as $100.

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Rabble is a new equity crowdfunding platform that focuses not on real estate of small businesses, but on impact investing: projects that have a positive social and/or environmental impact. These projects can be anything from urban farms to renovated buildings. Basically, Rabble is a platform that allows people to invest in projects that they actually care about, at a minimal cost, and earn a return on their investment at the same time.

Crowd investment, or equity crowdfunding, is where people pool their capital to finance a project or company that will yield some financial return. It allows people to become investors in projects or companies. This differs from donation-based crowdfunding in that “backers” aim to receive some financial return, instead of a product or “thank you gift” for different levels of participation.

-Umber Bawa, Founder of Rabble

Rabble allows you to invest in private companies and project specific ventures. You can think of it as private equity or venture capital that is available to anyone.

We set the barrier to entry at $100 to make the opportunity accessible to people of all income levels. The tagline “investing for all” is meant to represent two things: that all the projects we list have benefits for a community at large, and that each offering is open/accessible to a broad number of people.

This platform levels the playing field for impact investing for a variety of projects and businesses.

Rabble wants to become a leader in this space and grow with people as they shift their investing to align with their values.


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