During a virtual event co-hosted by Food Tank and Applegate, panelists highlight the need to end the misuse of antibiotics in the livestock industry.

By 2050, public health experts predict that 10 million people will die of antibiotic-resistant infections—surpassing deaths from cancer. By preventatively treating animals with antibiotics, the food system is contributing to this alarming trend. But public health experts, chefs, and businesses are advocating for change to reduce the misuse of antibiotics and protect public health.

Panelists discuss the barriers to changing the livestock industry, and the progress that gives them hope. Conversations were moderated by journalist Jane Black and Food Tank President Danielle Nierenberg.

John Ghingo, President of Applegate, explains that antibiotics are a “precious resource” that are threatened by their misuse. And while he believes that the rise of antibiotics sales in the United States is concerning, he says there is still time for consumers to learn about production practices and demand change.

“That little bit of digging will help you make much more informed choices that are better for you, for your family, for your kitchen table, but also for the planet and the animals in the system,” Ghingo tells Food Tank.

Watch the video about reducing the livestock industry's misuse of antibiotics at Food Tank.