Giving Compass' Take:

• Tania Karas discusses the best ways to support and assist refugee children with experts. 

• How can funders work to enact these recommendations for supporting refugee children? How can existing programs be expanded and improved in terms of their care of children? 

• Learn about asset-based funding for refugee crisis

More than half of the world’s 24.5 million refugees are under 18 years old. They also comprise a large part of the world’s internally displaced. These children spend much of their childhoods uprooted from their homes – which affects all aspects of their development.

Much has changed recently when it comes to new approaches to their care. Some of the fundamentals, however, remain the same.

In a wide-ranging conversation, experts from Refugees Deeply’s community covered the psychological and physical effects of toxic stress on children, how to best care for displaced children with special needs, how lack of nutrition affects their development, and the best methods for educating children who’ve experienced so much trauma.

Sometimes, the best approach is to give them space to be children again.

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