The realities, challenges, and larger context of what Black and brown trans communities are facing locally and nationally are not well-known to funders or to our society in general. The list of articles below showcases Bay Area trans leaders and their organization’s work. From how The Transgender District is meeting the urgent needs of houseless trans people surviving in the pandemic, the ongoing legislative battles on trans youth and how GSA Network is building the leadership of trans youth of color, to the ongoing criminalization of undocumented trans migrants. You'll also find articles about El/La Para TransLatinas creating a sanctuary space for trans migrant women, the erasure of Black trans women’s leadership in building organizations and economic security, political power for and by Black and brown trans people by TAJA Coalition, and trailblazer Miss Major Griffin-Gracy. In the face of anti-Blackness, transantagonism, xenophobia, and lack of resources, these organizations and their leaders continue in the legacy of trans and queer resilience and interdependence that works towards collective liberation.

The last three resources are articles written by trans advocates – they offer guidance and insights specifically for philanthropy, including a direct call-to-action from a coalition of trans leaders on increasing foundation funding to trans-led organizations, lessons from Fund for Trans Generations’ rapid response grantmaking, how funders can support our communities, and offerings on how to create grantmaking practices more inclusive of trans communities.

1. How San Francisco’s Transgender District is Helping Its Community Survive COVID

2. ‘No Pride Without Trans Youth’ Community Report Back on the Spring 2021 Legislative Session

3. Latina’s death while in ICE custody highlights plight of undocumented trans people

Read the full article about resources to support gender justice and trans communities by Aldita Gallardo at Northern California Grantmakers.