Giving Compass' Take:

• The #SpaceOnEarth anniversary campaign released a video of Rohingya refugee children telling their stories of the violence that they endured in  Myanmar. 

• The video is intended to send the message that the Rohingya refugees still need a permanent place to live and that the crisis is not yet over. What are the next steps for helping the Rohingya? 

• Read about what donors can do about the genocide in Myanmar. 

An influx of Rohingya refugees arrived in Bangladesh in August 2017, and they still don’t have anywhere to call home. A new, moving video sheds light on the ongoing crisis, showing what Rohingya children want for their future.

The video is part of #SpaceOnEarth, an anniversary campaign that marks a year since nearly 1 million Rohingya arrived in Bangladesh after fleeing their homes to escape violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state.

Launched by the organization BRAC, on Sept. 5, in partnership with philanthropy group Texel Foundation, #SpaceOnEarth serves to educate the public on the current state of children affected by the refugee crisis.

These children’s perspectives drive home how urgently the stateless Rohingya people need a more permanent place to live.

While the US has raised $26 million at the time of writing, BRAC insists it’s not enough and another $30 million is needed from the country. Many of the homes within the refugee camp are at risk of being damaged by the approaching monsoon season.

In August, the United Nations officially called the ethnic cleansing and expulsion of Rohingya by Myanmar a genocide.

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