Speaking at the Bond conference in London on Monday, the head of Save the Children, Kevin Watkins said the issue of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment within the sector was “systemic.” He also owned up to the failings of his own organization, which is set to undergo an independent inquiry after reports that two former senior directors allegedly harassed younger female colleagues.

This is our 2008 financial crisis moment … [which] happened because of institutions that got too big, too confident, too exuberant, had too much belief in their own power, who refused to look at their own organizational cultures and what they were doing to people internally. We cannot afford to repeat those mistakes.

Save the Children has been mired in controversy in recent weeks after news broke that Brendan Cox, former policy director at the charity, had been suspended in 2015 for “inappropriate behavior” toward female staff.

Cox resigned before a disciplinary process was completed. Days later, it emerged that Justin Forsyth, former chief executive of Save the Children, had also been accused of inappropriate behavior and comments toward female coworkers. He left the charity in 2015 with a reference and went on to become deputy director of UNICEF. Forsyth resigned from that position last week.

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