Giving Compass' Take:

• In a video for Rand, Melanie A. Zaber, urges leaders and policymakers surrounding education to work hard to support students throughout COVID-19.

• As public schools rest for the summer, how can we revise and improve remote learning procedures in preparation for the fall? What can you do to help support students who face a steeper uphill battle during coronavirus than others?

• As we continue to struggle with the pandemic, learn more about your crucial role in the response effort.

How we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic today will likely have longer-term effects. This means that we need to think about people who are actively preparing for that future: high school students looking to enter college and careers.

Melanie Zaber, associate economist with the RAND Corporation, offers insights into how education leaders and policymakers can support students during COVID-19.

Watch the full video about schools' duty to support students throughout COVID-19 with Melanie A. Zaber at RAND Corporation.