Giving Compass' Take:

• In this story, the Forbes Nonprofit Council makes seven predictions, based on trends, for charitable giving in 2019.

• How might nonprofits use these predictions to appeal to potential donors?

• To learn about how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act may have affected charitable giving, click here.

Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on generous donors to keep the business going. In today's climate of divisive politics, social justice movements and tax reform, charitable giving is more susceptible than ever to the trends of our time -- and if nonprofits keep up with those trends, they'll be able to market their causes properly and bring in more donations than ever.

We asked a panel of Forbes Nonprofit Council members to weigh in on some of the trends that could impact donations and giving in 2019. Here's what they had to say.

1. Tax Changes May Benefit Nonprofits

2. Nonprofits Will Increasingly Support Voter-Focused Groups

3. Intelligent, Educated Donors Will Aim To Make An Impact

4. Donations Will Be Driven By Compassion And Generosity

5. Political Campaign Donations Will Skyrocket

6. Donor Advised Funds Will Increase

7. People Will Always Be Inspired To Help Other People

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