Giving Compass' Take:

• Alex Goldman, writing for PEAK Insight Journal, explores how philanthropy will shift in the next year to focus on bolder new visions using a collective impact approach to catalyze change. 

• Goldman thinks that community organizing and collective impact are the future for philanthropists. What other approaches might lead to a shift in philanthropy?

• Read about the benefits of collaborative philanthropy. 

I entered philanthropy in 2018. My trajectory up until then was shaped by experiences deeply and directly entrenched in “community” while navigating and mobilizing cross-cultural spaces, differing worldviews and ideologies and skills, activists, organizers, educators, and students of all kinds. I am no expert, but I am a community organizer. A background such as my own isn’t particularly unique to philanthropy these days, and that’s a very good thing.

Since entering this space, I’ve observed a trending evolution of collective language and goals within the philanthropic ecosystem; we are in an important moment and folks recognize it. In front of us is a growing potential to fundamentally reimagine the way our field interacts with, supports, and accelerates social transformation for the long haul.

Foundation gatekeepers are thinking more radically, intentionally, and more willingly to invest in riskier (overused term, but important) opportunities. With fresh eyes within the sector (as opposed to the “partner side” where I’ve spent my organizing career), here’s one perspective on how we might consider catalyzing the momentum.

The sector’s fundamental transformation requires continual, consistent, long-term action that is based on the present and future. I often ponder what the future of philanthropy will look like as many of us do. My current inspiration: emergent and entry-level practitioners are learning and growing alongside the evolution of bold new visions.

As a community organizer, I see potential to catalyze philanthropy’s shift by embracing an action plan that centers on intergenerational wisdom sharing, nurtures growing practitioners, and deploys strategies that mirror our “on-the-ground” grantee partners.

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