Former United States Vice President Al Gore struck an optimistic tone on Tuesday as he posed three questions on climate change action: Must we change, can we change, and will we change? The answer to all three was a definitive — and necessary — “yes,” Gore told a room of investors and climate change experts at the FT Climate Finance Summit.

Changing investment practices offer some hope to mitigate and adapt to climate change’s effects by fully integrating sustainability approaches. This is increasingly seen as a the smart option, explained Gore, the co-founder of the sustainable research and investment firm Generation Investment Management.

“There is an increasing sense the way capitalism operates is overdue for a more careful examination and in the investing world there is a very powerful movement,” Gore said. “The integration of sustainability into the investing process is very difficult, but it can be done and it can be done quite successfully in ways that do not require trading of value for values.”

Signs of change are evident everywhere from the U.S. labor market — where the fastest growing occupations are solar installers and wind turbine service technicians — to Norway, where the world’s sovereign wealth fund is considering divesting entirely from oil and gas companies, Gore said.

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