The way we volunteer has drastically changed over the last few months. Nonprofits, volunteers, and employers have all made adjustments to continue volunteering. At Bright Funds, we recognize the importance and crucial services that volunteers provide and are dedicated to supporting a robust culture of volunteering. As we continue to learn and adapt, we are curating and sharing resources regarding the changing volunteering landscape.

How do you start to build a culture of volunteerism?

  1. Organize company-sponsored volunteering events multiple times a year (even just quarterly or bi-annually)
  2. Get help from colleagues who are already dedicated volunteers to help organize events amongst teams and offices (these are your champions)
  3. Encourage and incentivize employees to volunteer personally by sharing their skills with nonprofits and individuals
  4. Occasionally replace a happy hour with a virtual volunteering event!

Did you know that volunteerism has positive health benefits? Read about a new health study — Volunteerism: Doing good does you good.

Read the full article about sustaining volunteerism by Rachel Nersesian at Bright Funds.