Dave Thompson is a self-described technology guy. But believe it or not, he didn’t realize that getting involved in the community would mean helping implement sustainable tech solutions. After 20 years at Microsoft, most recently leading the first release of their online business services (later branded Office365), he crossed into the nonprofit sector as a volunteer and board member.

In the end, you can take the tech guy out of the tech industry but you can’t take the tech out of the guy. Before SVP, Dave served for years on the board of Habitat for Humanity in Seattle-King County. With Kevin Phaup — another SVP Partner and former Microsoftie — he helped them find better technology solutions. Then as a newly-minted SVP Partner with the added encouragement of Paul Shoemaker, he began looking into what our investees were working with.

The outcome: starting the SVP Technology Community of Practice last spring...

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