Giving Compass' Take:

• Adaptive strategies are emerging to tackle the issue of excessive food waste, now exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

• How can donors support adaptive food recovery strategies during this time? 

• Read more on curbing food waste during the pandemic. 

What emerging strategies have been employed to tackle food waste during the pandemic, and how can we scale these strategies in the future?

When the coronavirus pandemic first disrupted food supply chains earlier this year, huge amounts of animals and produce raised for human consumption were lost. But the food system sprang into action — adapting operations, overcoming barriers and scaling promising innovations to reduce the amount of waste. In this discussion, industry experts who have been leading efforts to tackle food waste during the pandemic share what they have learned. Hear innovative thinking about scaling food-waste technologies, building more resilient donation systems and developing new supply chains that connect farmers with food recovery channels.


  • Jackie Suggitt, Stakeholder Engagement Director, ReFED
  • Zeb McLaurin, Director of Sustainability, Goodr
  • Aidan Reilly, Student, Brown

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