The nonprofit Front Porch Investments is preparing to launch a “Greenlining Fund” to help reverse the historic and ill effects of local redlining.

The organization, supported by major philanthropic foundations and the City of Omaha, describes the new program as a way to help low- to moderate-income families and individuals build wealth and stability.

That mission differs from Front Porch’s earlier announced “preservation and development fund,” which was started earlier this year to create and preserve affordable housing inventory.

In the next few weeks, the group will begin a search for a community advisory committee of people representing North and South Omaha, areas that have been affected by redlining, to help design parameters of the Greenlining fund program that will start next year.

Naomi Hattaway, Front Porch director of communications and community initiatives, said a core value of the nonprofit is equitable access to power, and she said that will live out in the advisory committee.

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