Assumptions have no place in business. Even when an organization is performing well, taking the time to assess and make changes to established processes can help leaders adapt and navigate even the most sudden of crises.

The events of the past year have taught many leaders to question everything. That’s why as businesses look to return to providing more services and products in person, it’s important to remember not to rush back to previous notions of “normal.” Below, 14 members of Forbes Nonprofit Council share important lessons they believe leaders should bring into their organizations.

  1. Adopt Virtual Experiences
  2. Don't Jump Back To 'Normal'
  3. Ask Before Assuming
  4. Be Committed To Your Partners
  5. Remember That No One Can See The Future
  6. Recognize That People Want To Make A Difference
  7. Prioritize More Engagement From Leadership
  8. Embrace Various Tech Platforms
  9. Coordinate To Prevent Misinformation
  10. Provide Frequent Outreach And Support
  11. Facilitate Communication Between Members
  12. Prepare For Rapid Change
  13. Be Up Front About Challenges
  14. Explore Different Ways Of Collaborating

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