Giving Compass' Take:

•  Here are 10 opportunities to disrupt nonprofit growth through action-oriented steps that will incite change and benefit organizations. 

• How can donors support healthy nonprofit disruption? What might this look like? 

• Read more about bolstering nonprofit growth. 

Every business needs to take calculated risks in order to scale and stay relevant, and nonprofits are no different. In fact, these organizations may need to take even greater risks than the average business to continue growing in the current climate.

As a nonprofit leader, it’s important to keep searching for opportunities to “disrupt” your organization and create positive change. To help you, we asked the members of Forbes Nonprofit Council how leaders can find these disruptive opportunities for the benefit of their organization. Here are their top recommendations.

  1. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  2. Build Up Your Virtual Workforce
  3. Consider What Your Competitors Would Do
  4. Identify A Current Need You Can Fill
  5. Let Go Of Underperforming Projects
  6. Listen To Your Community
  7. Embrace Your Core Values
  8. Lean Into Your Challenges
  9. Invest In Your Network
  10.  Internalize Your Mission
  11. Learn From Organizations Outside Your Industry
  12. Cultivate The Right Mindsets
  13. Take Advantage Of This Universal Adjustment Period
  14. Explore New, Mission-Relevant Tactics
  15. Keep An Open Mind

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