As of this month, the majority of the global population has been impacted by the pandemic for more than a year. For the first time in a century, pretty much everyone on the planet has experienced the same disaster at the same time.

And while most of us have had our daily lives disrupted in significant, and in many cases catastrophic, ways, there has also been an incredible outpouring of support for one another.

At first hidden beneath the surface, a groundswell of grassroots action emerged in the face of the pandemic; growing rapidly in both scope and scale. These community-led responses often formed spontaneously by individuals and groups who recognized the immediate needs of those around them.

With the daily case count continuing at a high rate in many countries, now is a good time to pause and ask the question: what have we learned from dealing with the pandemic over the past year?

On March 16th, we partnered with Idealist to host a public presentation and discussion based on our free ebook, “Lessons from the First Wave: Resilience in the Age of COVID-19.”

We recorded the audio from the event and have made it available on The Response, a podcast series from Shareable exploring how communities are building collective resilience in the wake of disasters.

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