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•  Caitlin Krause, writing for EdSurge, discusses the shift in education technology that is now intertwined with social-emotional learning as tech companies prioritize how to connect students, teachers, and learning experiences through edtech.

How is technology enhancing social-emotional learning for students? 

• Read about how to measure social-emotional learning. 

It was only when I coupled tech with meaning—with my own pedagogical practices of mindfulness, attention and presence—that the social-emotional skills and the academic learning began to take off. I realized then what’s always been true: Meaningful, authentic learning is connected and interdisciplinary by nature, and communities thrive when there’s social care at the core.

This year’s ISTE 2019 conference in Philadelphia marked nearly 20 years since I entered the education profession, and I’m seeing a tidal shift in the approach to integrating technology in learning. No longer are social-emotional learning and edtech siloed, or even separate entities. In a way, you could say it’s all connected.

The meaning behind connected learning, and human connection itself, is taking center stage, with technology being used as a means to facilitate, expand and empower the mind and voice of every learner­—student and teacher alike.

Just as edtech is blending with our pedagogical practices, social-emotional learning, or SEL, is also being approached in a more holistic way. Our approach to learning is undergoing a necessary sea change, at a point when it seems all parts of the educational ecosystem—students, teachers, parents and administrators—desperately need it.

The industry now realizes that technology, of course, can be a bridge, helping students and teachers to connect. It can even help us to connect with ourselves. It’s no longer the case that tech is competing with humans to build these skills, but rather is complementing our efforts. The question for edtech developers has become: How does SEL look when it’s built into technology as one of the core values in the design cycle of product development, with the user experience as top priority?

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