Giving Compass' Take:

• Amy Sewell, writing for Forbes, discusses the challenges that nonprofit organizations face when trying to execute digital fundraising tools effectively. 

• How has the landscape of digital fundraising grown in the nonprofit sector just over the last decade? Is digital fundraising more accessible for charitable givers? 

• Here is a quick guide to digital marketing for nonprofits. 

Your website, email and social networks are still essential tools to help build donor relationships with your organization. More importantly, these channels still get fundraising results, and in many cases, really good results for nonprofit organizations.

Digital channels, when used strategically, are still alive and well, and your nonprofit should be using them as an essential communications tool.

Combating Challenges In Digital Fundraising

  • Fix Your Foundation Your website functions as the hub of all your online fundraising. Your emails, social posts and digital ads, as well as print and broadcast messages, all send traffic to your site.
  • Evaluate Your Frequency Take a look at how often you are sending email and social media messages. Due to limited staff and resources, many nonprofits are not posting frequently enough to their email and social channels.
  • Provide Quality Content This is one of the main factors in a nonprofit’s control when looking to improve engagement with their audiences. Your donors need to have a regular reason to pay attention to your messages.
  • Invest In Network Growth Start by taking advantage of the regular interactions your organization already has with its supporters. If someone fills out their information for you, ask for their email address, and emphasize the value they will receive in these messages.

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