Giving Compass' Take:

• Forbes Nonprofit Council shares how for-profit businesses and nonprofits can have mutually beneficial relationships. 

• How can donors help facilitate these partnerships? 

• Read about innovating the nonprofit sector. 

In the modern world, consumers value transparency about where their money goes. Many for-profit businesses partner with nonprofits to demonstrate corporate social responsibility, which can give them an obvious PR boost. However, the advantages don’t just flow one way—nonprofit organizations can develop a mutually beneficial relationship with these companies.

We asked the members of Forbes Nonprofit Council what perks await nonprofits who enter this kind of partnership. Their best answers are below.

  1. Help Others Develop A Positive Purpose 
  2. Gain New Advocates 
  3. Connect To A Broad Audience 
  4. Tackle Larger Projects 
  5. Spur Further Conversation About Your Cause 
  6.  Increase Transparency And Engagement

Read the full article about nonprofit partnerships from Forbes Nonprofit Council at Forbes.