Hurricane Irma, a category 5 hurricane, has already caused massive destruction in the Caribbean and it is predicted that it will continue throughout the weekend. They need our help, and they need it now.

As usual, do not donate to the American Red Cross. Haiti does still not have their money [source] and we’re still not sure how much money is going to Hurricane Harvey Relief [source]. Below are campaigns you can donate toward, fast facts about what is happening, and a call to action.

Example of taking action include:

  • Sharing articles/photos/tweets on social media with tangible ways to help, rather than sharing traumatic photos of death and destruction. These photos often leave us feeling more helpless, rather than providing us with tangible solutions.
  • Reposting helpful resources, such as emergency phone numbers, contact information of folks willing to help, and GoFundMe campaigns or other crowdsourcing campaigns.
  • Offering to volunteer our labor. This can be help with legal services, first aid, Amazon wishlists, clerical tasks, and more. We can do this in exchange for donations, taking a task off of someone’s hand and having them use the money they would have spent on helping those with emergency needs.

Whatever those most affected need is whatever we need to find a way to provide.

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