International nonprofits often have unique missions that allow them to serve many different communities across borders. While working globally can be incredibly rewarding, it also presents some difficulties that may not occur at a more local level.

As some of the top leaders in the nonprofit industry, the members of Forbes Nonprofit Council have successfully navigated the challenges of working at the global level. Below, 10 members share the biggest obstacles they’ve faced while leading global organizations and how they work toward resolving these challenges.

  1. Measuring True Impact
  2. Addressing Capacity
  3. Identifying The Right Local Partners
  4. Reducing Distance Barriers
  5. Finding The Right People
  6. Celebrating Our Differences
  7. Discerning Core And Context
  8. Engaging High-Capacity Community Leaders
  9. Knowing And Respecting Local Culture
  10. Making Dynamics Work Better

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