Giving Compass' Take:

· Education Dive discusses the recent destruction caused by Hurricane Michael and explains the significant burdens inflicted on Florida's schools and students.

· How can donors help with Florida's recovery? What are some negative effects of closed schools for students? How do natural disasters impact the economy? 

· Here's how you can help the victims of Hurricane Michael and other natural disasters

Natural disasters are uncontrollable and unpredictable, and when severe, they can have a huge impact on affected areas. Students and their families can face severe emotional and financial burdens in the aftermath of a storm, and in the case of Hurricane Michael — which has shattered records due to its immense strength and high-speed winds — some families and school districts have nearly nothing left. They have to start over. And on top of the already existent financial and emotional stressors that these communities face, a ravaging event like this can leave people feeling utterly hopeless or without resources to improve their situations.

Significant time spent out of school makes students more susceptible to falling behind. Students in low-income families also rely on school-provided meals to have access to nutritious options, but when school is closed, these meals aren't available. Psychologically, there are also consequences. In the worst cases, such disasters can cause students to experience overwhelming feelings of sadness or despair to know that their house or possessions were destroyed. For some students, these feelings of loss or confusion, or even a state of shock, can make it difficult to move forward and get back into a routine. That could mean difficulty focusing in the classroom, inability to sleep or a lack of motivation to do their work.

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