Every month, the Solutions Journalism Network highlights a ‘Member of the Month’ — a journalist doing, or supporting, excellent solutions-focused reporting. This month, we’re featuring Kevin Grant — co-founder and executive editor of The GroundTruth Project. We talked to him about how he imagines the future of journalism, what drives his team’s ‘human-focused’ approach, and the advice others could follow if they want to start their own non-profit news venture.

Julia Hotz: Before founding GroundTruth project, you’d held a number of other editorial and reporting positions. Did you ever see yourself co-founding your own journalism organization? What led you to help create The GroundTruth Project?

Kevin Grant: I’ve always been passionate about creating new organizations with their own unique cultures and methods of getting things done. I particularly love the way that innovative journalists can connect with their communities and produce work that spotlights essential stories, exposes wrongdoing and points toward solutions.

JH: How does existing news coverage of social justice issues affect The GroundTruth Project’s reporting objectives? What are some of the angles you and your team have explored in highlighting community responses to human rights, environmental, and global health injustices?

KG: All of us read, watch, and listen to our colleagues’ work around the world with great interest. We endeavor to take unique approaches to covering big stories with major implications for the next generation.  GroundTruth takes a human-focused approach, spending time on the ground in the countries where we work — including across the U.S. through our Report for America initiative — to build trust, understand people’s stories and tell them in a way that can make a difference.

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