The rapid spread of very strict abortion bans in some states are leaving health care workers in increasingly difficult positions as they try to care for patients, say three physicians.

States that enacted abortion bans following the US Supreme Court’s recent overturning of Roe v. Wade have not adequately considered the complexity and nuance required of pregnancy care, the physicians say, adding that they expect maternal morbidity rates to increase.

These health experts spoke to journalists Tuesday in a virtual media briefing. A video of the briefing is above.

Here are excerpts:

States With Very Strict Bans on Abortions
“We know the patients in these situations are in grave danger. With the passing of the laws in Texas, it’s a very strict ban with a very narrow exception for saving the life of the patient,” says Beverly Gray, associate professor in the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the Duke School of Medicine, and founder of the Duke Reproductive Health Equity and Advocacy Mobilization team.

“Essentially they were having to watch those patients until they were on the brink of a catastrophic outcome, and then they could take care of them.”

“That makes it complicated for physicians who are just trying to do the right thing. They’re trying to give their patients the best advice, the best evidence-based care. And that’s being limited.”

“Many of these bans across the country, we see they seek to prosecute physicians. They seek to scare physicians so that they’re not taking care of patients in an evidence-based way. That’s just corroding the trust patients have with their physicians.

“What’s really disheartening is just how quickly these laws are changing, how fast it’s moving, how quickly patients are being affected all over the country.”

“How do we tell if someone’s sick enough? It’s really hard to say in each individual situation what constitutes enough illness. Do you need one organ failing? Do you need two organs failing? Do you need to be to the point where you’re bleeding, where you need a blood transfusion?”

“Patients are confused. Physicians are confused. Ethicists, lawyers are getting involved in care. That’s just clouding the issue and creating a situation where we’re offering worse care for patients.”

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